DURASER is the exclusive authorized service providing maintenance and servicing for SAEZ Tower Cranes and Telehandlers, Alimak HEK construction lifts and platforms, Altec telescopic truck mounted Cranes and aerials. DURASER is also the authorized service provider for Liebherr Tower Cranes.

A construction equipment fleet, consisting of SAEZ Tower Cranes, Liebherr Tower Cranes, Alimak-Hek Lifts and Platforms, was established in order to improve the quality of the maintenance services which were provided by Atilla Dural for approximately 50 years. Duraser was established by Atilla Dural with its experience of half a century in the construction sector and its distributorship in Turkey of the leading construction equipment manufacturers in the world.

Duraser, serving the construction sector, which grows from day to day, with its experienced team on construction equipment, continues to render services to the leading companies of the construction sector.

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